A downloadable game for Windows

Changelog is here.
Email kittytowerclimb@gmail.com with any bugs/comments or for help.

The newest version of the game is currently 0.1.2!


An entire village has gone missing! Help Zoe the Cat save the missing townspeople and restore the town back to it's former glory. Make friends along your journey who will come to your aid when summoned, fight alongside you, and offer you the morale support to keep going on your adventure. Level up and gain access to new skills, as well as new items.


Arrow keys are your movement keys.
Pressing the 'X' key will bring up the menu.
Pressing the 'Z' key will allow you to interact with objects/people.
The escape key is used to cancel.
The enter key is used to make a selection

Note that this is a very very early demo, and the game is not even close to being completed. Constructive criticism is welcomed, as well as suggestions. The game will be updated periodically and has no timeline at the moment. This is a side project of mine that I am working on in my free time.

Install instructions

Make sure you download the correct file!!


For those who DO NOT have RPG Maker VX Ace or the RPG Maker RTP installed, be sure to choose the file that has RTP at the end.

For those who DO have RPG Maker VX Ace or the RPG Maker RTP installed, be sure to choose the file that has NoRTP at the end.


Double click on the downloaded .exe file to extract the game and contents to a folder in a location of your choice. The default location is a folder in your Documents folder. Once done, navigate to the location where you extracted the files, and start up the Game.exe file to play.


KittyTowerClimb-V0_1_2-RTP.exe 262 MB
KittyTowerClimb-V0_1_2-noRTP.exe 75 MB